Monday, January 7, 2008

N finally I blog

finally my first blog

well after registering this blog 6 months ago [during my 2 sem exam holz]

I am posting my own post after my 3rd sem xams have finished an hour ago

this sem exam was special to me

because from here my electronics life begins

after nearly wasting my last two years on not so relevant topics

this time i was focussed on my marks

say i became a MARXWADI

my very first lab was not that good

as i was able to get only a partiall output

but every journey of mine started with a stumble

then there was ec lab totally manipulated o/p

then maths as usuall went bad

then ec faired nearly good in it after getting 2.5 &6 in first 2 internals

actually the clipper problem went perfectly right for my satisfaction

later ld was a special one

as it was all from yarbrough solved eg

then na was okie pokie type

but i screwed myself in my fav subject electronic instruementation

[over confidence for sure]

but field theory the last paper was too good

[coz i got right answers which my frnds did not


hoping for better result this


n wishing you all a fresh holidays



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  1. cool!!! good :) keep it up. didnt know u wrote hindi poems... hey try to improve the look of the page and dont use many widgets.. keep it clean :)