Thursday, March 11, 2010

It hurts to depart ,but not always....

This post is dedication to kenneth, raison,djd,Karthik kastury ,Prahas,Suhan,Ashley . FULLSTOP.
It has been 4 years, from skipping fresher party for not having decent footwear to being one of lead volunteers in Fresher party this year, from skipping vtu fest organized in nitte, to be a part of our cultural team, from wondering why I cant qualify for quiz finals to host 4 quizzes.The journey was strange, but it was worth it.People often change their attitude towards you according to the status you enjoy. To be successful and then adorn by peers hurts sometime, for they where never with you when you needed them. This where people who m I like to thank for everything.
1] Ashley : For being a very sweet friend from first year when whole D section treated me as loner.
2] Kenneth : For treating me as someone worth to be recognized when I was under estimated by others.
3]Raison: No one can be as seeda sada as you , you will be the one I will miss in my post engi life.
4]Suhan: For being there at times whenever I needed support.
5]Djd&Karthik: For being coolest people .Nitte envies you but then you people are real pride of nitte.I mean it.
For being on my side during the most ugliest moment of my nitte life.
And for everyone else It was nice to be with you people, learned a lot from you all , but then life would not be different if you were replaced by someone else


    thanks for the post man :)
    Its kinda hard to be a loner right?
    Iam so glad i met you in Nitte.